Cities in the Jungle:The Maya

Deep in the rainforests of Central America, the Mayan people made their home. In the moist jungle soil,the Maya grew corn,squash, and beans. There thousands of years ago, the Maya built their cities.What amazing cities they were, with big stone palaces.

Well, the Egyptians built their pyramids a long time before the Maya, and in a different part of the world. so the Maya never knew about the Egyptians. Still, like the Egyptians, the Maya buried their kings in big stone buildings that reach way above the tallest trees in the jungle. The stairs on the Mayan pyramids were for the priests, who would climb to the top to worship their gods.

Like other ancient people you’ve heard that the Mayan worshiped nature gods, such as gods of the wind and rain. They also worshiped animal gods. they made pictures showing of their gods as partly human and partly in the form of big, fierce jungle cat or the Jaguar.

The Maya knew how to write. The Maya had their own form of picture writing. They used their picture writing to make a kind of calendar. And used it to tell stories of the lives, battles, and triumphs of the Mayan leaders. Sometimes they carved their stories on big stone pillars.


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American History: Crossing the Land Bridge!!!! :)

Many, many thousands of years ago,way back in the Ice Age, there was a narrow strip of land that connected Asia and North America. It was like a bridge across the water:and that’s why it’s called the land bridge.

From Asia, big herds of animals moved east and south. They moved right across that land bridge and came to what is now North America. As years passed, in fact thousands of years, more and more people came across the land bridge, and they spread all over North and South America. The people from Asia were the ancestors of the people we now call Native Americans, or American Indians. For a long time, these early people were kept alive by hunting, fishing, and gathering wild berries, nuts,and fruit.

As time passed, the earliest Americans began to grow their food, especially the people who lived farther south, where it was warmer to grow crops.When people can grow enough food then they don’t have to keep moving. They can stay put and make their homes in one place.

As they learned to farm and build their homes, the first Americans built civilizaations. They settled down, they built towns and cities, they made works of art, and some of them learned to write.


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The Coming Of A Silent Spring: Rachel Carson

  • Rachel Carson son was born on May 27,1907 and grew up on 65 acres of pristine countryside in Springdale, Pennsylvania. Rachel majored in English at the Pennsylvania College for Women. Later, science became her passion. Her professors and fellow students warned her that the world would not embrace a women scientist. In the 1950s, Rachel began to see ominous signs of poisons in the enviroment. Silently, Rachel began her quest  to warn the world of a coming disaster. Rachel Carson awarding achievement came in 1962 with the publication of Silent Spring. She alerted the world to a future where spring would come to silence, and pesticides would devastate the earth’s ecology. Silent Spring became an immediate bestseller. Scientist argued that Rachel was and alarmist, but no one could disprove her facts. Silent Spring prompted a congresssional investigation. Rachel spent her last days defending her work. Rachel died on April 14,1964, at the age of 56.
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JA Biztown

On Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 I went to JA Biztown. It was a place where kids can act as an adult, by making checks to other companies,paying their bills, and making their  prices a reasonable price. while I was there, I was a Flight Attendant for U.S. Airways. I had never been there in all my life but then when I got there, I couldn’t believe it.  Iwas actually an adult for one whole day. I had a blast. The entire day, I never said that it was okay, boring, or that I hated it and I never want to come here again. It was fun!  (Well that was my day so good bye.)

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Ice Skating at Cityscape

I went ice skating with a friend of mine named Nicky. We ice skated in City Scape in downtown Phoenix. we had skated for an hour while my mom was filming me and my friend. Nicky was having fun, but except when he was on the floor. While we were ice skating I had the idea of throwing ice at my mom, so we did. After we finished ice skating we had hot chocolate and went home. I finally said “That was the best day ever”.           

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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